Post-Award Process

Congratulations on your grant award! What’s next?

PI/Project Director

  • Notify the Director of Faculty Grants and the Provost about the grant award. 
  • Carry out the project according to the project goals and budget laid out in the proposal and in line with agency policy and College policy. 
  • Understand and comply with all agency reporting requirements. 
  • Sign off on all grant expenditures except for one’s own compensation. 
  • Complete regular time and effort reports (if receiving compensation from a federal grant).
  • Complete annual financial conflict of interest disclosure forms (if holding a grant from the NIH or NSF).
  • Ensure that student researchers are trained in the responsible conduct of research before they begin work on the grant-funded project. 
  • Send certifications that student researchers have received ethics training to the Director of Faculty Grants.
  • Consult with Human Resources about the procedure for hiring new staff to be paid through the grant.

Faculty Grants Office

  • Request a grant account number from the Controller and identify individuals who will need a copy of the account number and access to the account. 
  • Report the award to the Office of College Communications so that it can be publicly announced. 
  • Assist the PI with tracking spending and with annual reports. 
  • Assist the PI in understanding and complying with agency and College policy. 
  • Request grant-funded compensation for the PI as appropriate.
  • Request time and effort reports on a regular basis and maintain these records.
  • Stay up to date on federal grant policy.

Provost Office

  • Set up a grant account and send the account information to the PI, Director of Faculty Grants, Assistant to the Provost, and other relevant parties.
  • Establish the grant account in accordance with agency guidelines (e.g., sometimes private foundations want the account to be interest-bearing with all accrued interest allocated to the grant project).
  • For federal grants, draw down quarterly reimbursements and indirect costs in accordance with the grant budget and spending activity.
  • Set up electronic fund transfer processes in accordance with agency guidelines.
  • Work with the PI and Director of Faculty Grants on grant close-out at the end of the project.